Well, here it is: the end of 2014! It has been a great year for me, with lots of awesome things that happened. I got a price for enccouragement for my results in the first year of my Computer Science bachelor. Also, probably obvious but I finished my first and started with my second year of my Computer Science bachelor, which is a realy cool feeling.

I finally got my drivers license which I'm happy about since it took me quite a while to succeed. I did succeed in one go though (didn't have to do any retakes for my practical!) which is not something everyone can say so I guess that's that. I discovered lots of great music:

I've listened to lots of other stuff too but that's pretty much the gist of it. Something else that was pretty rad was Ludum Dare 31 this december! I've always wanted to participate but never had the time (as in guts) to actually do it, but this december I teamed up with a few others (this guy, this one, and Nathan, but he doesn't seem to have twitter) and it happened! Together we sat in the Educafe for a whole weekend creating awesome games, and it was a blast.

The final thing (for now) that I'm excited about is my little cpp game library. I started working on it this summer and it has been evolving ever since. Just some days ago I revamped the GameState system with template magic such that all classes self register with a factory. It's really something that makes my computer science senses tingle! The method is very much inspired by someone else's blog post but the code in that blog post alone wasn't sufficient, so I'm not quite sure if I should write about it or not. I also used my library for Ludum Dare 31 which accelerated my coding a lot.

So, that's a wrap for 2014 I guess. What are my resolutions? I'm not sure, but I guess just the basic stuff. Exercise more, join Ludum Dare's, eat healthy, sleep well, finish games, work on the website of my family, things like that. I've got a feeling something important will come along this year so I'm not going to pin myself down (:

I hope you had a nice christmas and the best of wishes for 2015!


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