LD32 Pre-mortem

It's that time of the tri-month again: Ludum Dare is upon us! I managed to plan two complete days without responsibilities, so I'll be participating in the compo this weekend!

All rejoice :D I'll be making a desktop game as usual, together with a fancy timelapse to document the process. Unfortunately I'm not going to participate in an on-site event, but I probably will spend some time at friends places coding and bouncing ideas off of them. This is what makes me so excited for the coming weekend I guess: the prospect of seeing my friends' games form over 48 stress- and caffeine induced hours.

Some of the tools I'll be using:

  • CMake
  • GVim
  • SDL2
  • Nuts 'n Bolts
  • JamUtils
  • TinkyWinky
  • SunVox
  • Bfxr
  • Inkscape/Gimp (to be decided)
  • My trusty not-very-often-used tablet

Maybe I missed one or two tools but these should be most of them. Three items on that list are special to me: Nuts 'n Bolts, JamUtils, and TinkyWinky.

Nuts 'n Bolts is a small C++ game framework built on top of SDL2. It's mainly a toolkit to take away the rough edges of SDL2. I really notice the speedup during jams when I use it so it has become indispensible over the past few months.

JamUtils is a collection of tools (built with at the moment c++ and python) that aid in creating a kickass timelapse. For example, capjam.py is a script that not only takes screenshots at set intervals, but also records project statistics, what music you're listening to, and it checks if you need more tea. If it's remotely successful this weekend I'm going to open source it.

Lastly there's TinkyWinky. It might seem superfluous, but it's a desktop Youtube Client built with the Qt5 application framework. My browser is already buzzy enough with all the documentation tabs floating around, so I needed a way to separate Youtube from my browser. TinkyWinky is the solution to that. Right now I'm not sure yet but I think it'll at some point be part of the JamUtils collection, since it's the tool that allows capjam.py to record what you're listening to.

So, that's my participation announcement post for now. I wish all my fellow LD peers best of luck and lots of fun this weekend!

P.s.: I'm in!


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